The Team

Some of you maybe know us as 2N STUDIO. I found 2n Studio back in 2013. As I move forward, I want to create something more personal, more unique, something that descibre my style of life and work, with my own recognizable signature. So I choose my name, to present my work. Because I am sure that my lifestyle is the best representative of my work.

One of my friend said...

"Every job looks like the one who do it"


Nikola Novovic

Founder of 2N STUDIO. Passionate videographer & photographer. If I need to describe my style in one sentence, that will probably be, Natural and candid storytelling style. Big fan of ambient light and prime lenses. If I had to choose between a good story in the frame and less technically perfect, or technically perfect frame, I choose a good story.

 Mountainer. Flyfisherman. Father of Petar, David & Emilia. 


NIKON D800420.jpg

Petar Novovic

Student. I have choosen photography and film to be my future. Because, simply, I love doing this. I am fan of moody style and also Black&White. I love wide angle prime lenses. Editing for me is equal joy as taking pictures and filming.