Major Upgrade

We grow. We're changing. Like everything in nature and around us. The change is man's need, and man always strives for change over his entire life and changes things. Without changes we would be a society that does not progress, which does not evolve. I deep believe in evolution. Every change is a battle. Small or big but equally important.
I founded the 2N studio in 2013, and changed it constantly as well as myself. But from the first day I felt like I was hiding behind it. I think that everyone should be a representative of their work. With own name. Especially we, freelancers. 
As one of my friends often speaks and in what I also deeply believe, every job looks like the one who does it. And I want to stand in front of my job. When you look at me, my lifestyle, I want you to see my work through me. 
I think that photography and video are very much linked with the mind of the one who is dealing with them, as well as with the perspective that one experiences. And we do not all experience the same and we do not have all the same look at the things around us.
I decided to share my experience with you.
Therefore, from now on, I will no longer use the 2N Studio, to present my work, but only my name.

Stay tuned...