New Wedding season. First Wedding Film 2018 - Teaser

Hello 2018 wedding season! 

It is here. And it is going to be very inspirig, funny, and above all filled with creativity.
So far we have been booked at about 20 weddings. Wonderful clients are waiting for us at various locations. From wonderful young people from Montenegro, who are increasingly choosing for more creative weddings in beautiful locations (Ada-Velika Plaža, Perast, Kotor, Vineyards of Plantaže, several weddings on Gospa od Skrpjela - Boka Bay....) and guests from distant places who choose Montenegro as a wedding destination (couples from Lebanon, Nigeria, UK, Canada, USA, Australia ...) through the inspirational spaces of Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Italy, Austria ...


And they are all beautiful, inspiring, creative and beautiful.
I should make a unique wedding film to everyone. It seems quite demanding, and yes, it is. Pretty much. But as someone who loves my job, I draw inspiration from everything I've already written above.


This season we will go with a new style, new theme and colors, a complete new way of making wedding films. I listened, followed, taught, learned, and continue to learn. I will not reveal much, I promise only a bunch of emotions.


Teaser for the first movie is online. A beautiful couple from Montenegro, from Cetinje, and a beautiful wedding ceremony in the forest in front of the famous church in their city. Will write a little more about this nice wedding and beautiful couple, when I publish a movie.

Until then, enjoy a few frames from teaser, and follow us in this phenomenal season.